Abigail Rose

Born and raised in the small town of Pendleton Indiana, I'm an 18 year old Hoosier girl, and have been a musician my entire life. My father, who is a music industry veteran, is producing my soon to be released debut album featuring original songs by us and co writers Fred Koller, Antoinette Olesen, and Melissa Jay. We have also covered classics by John Sebastian, Ray Davies, Roger McGuinn and Elliott Murphy. Special thanks to the guys in the John Mellencamp band and Carlene Carter for helping out. I am currently doing shows with the Dane Clark Band as well as playing at local venues as a solo artist. With the grace of God I hope to fulfill my life long dream of being a performer, and impacting lives with my music.

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Abigail Rose


March 18, 2016
Whiskey Business with the Dane Clark Band - 10:00pm

What industry pros are saying about Abigail

"Abigail has given a second act and a new life to my song Just A Story From America in ways that I could hardly imagine possible. There is an poignant urgency and crystal clear focus in her amazing vocal delivery that perfectly suits the song and miraculously transplants the zeitgeist of the story to the desperate and beautiful times of the 21st century. She's turned the gender around and kicked the beat up a few notches and just sings the hell out of it to the point that I can't stop playing it!"
- Elliott Murphy
Paris, France | December 2015
"Great!!! Abigail's got some serious pipes. I love her voice. She sounds strong with a gentle spirit."
- Peter Lewis of Moby Grape
Los Angeles, CA | December 2015
"It's great to hear a fresh voice singing sweet songs that’ll grow on you."
- Fred Koller
Nashville, TN | December 2015

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